10 Holiday Gifts for the Animal Lover

10 Holiday Gifts for the Animal Lover

For the person on your list who loves their furry friends more than their human friends, a pet-related present is sure to please. Here are 10 great gifts for the animal lover.

Personalized Pet Ornament

For the pet-lover who wants a little something special to give to their furry friend: This handmade wire Christmas ornament can be customized with your pet’s name for the perfect personalized gift. Plus, this lovely gift that can be used in the house year-round, making it a gift that will keep on giving.

Custom Made Dog Collar

Identify your pet in style with these handmade dog collars. With accents like moustaches, bones and birds, and using a variety of fabrics, details and hardware, these collars are just as secure and as they are cute.


Each month, the recipient of this gift basket for dogs and dog-lovers will get a box in the mail with presents for pooches – toys, bones, treats, or hygiene products. The best part? A portion of all proceeds from each box goes to help pups in need. Give this gift once, or sign up for 6 months for the best deal.

DERMagic Groom & Go Travel Kit for Dogs

These all-natural skincare items are made just for your four-legged friend. For the pet and owner who are always on the go, these travel-sized items, including peppermint and tea tree oil conditioner, hot spot slave, and aromatherapy dead sea salt bath scrub will keep any pet itch-free and smelling wonderful.

Homemade Cookbook

This is the perfect gift for the pet-lover who also loves to cook. Filled with 75 organic, whole food recipes, The Healthy Homemade Pet Food Cookbook has recipes for cats and dogs, from pups to seniors. Food-conscious friends will be thrilled to carry their good cooking habits from the table to the pet dish.

Heated Bird Bath

This bird bath will give the bird-watcher in your life an extra treat since it’s heated, meaning they’ll be able to watch their beloved birds all season long.

Upcycled Cat Bed

A clever gift for the cat-lover who prefers a more unique present. This artist uses vintage finds, such as suitcases or train cases, and turns them into beds for a beloved pet. It’s cozy for the cat and such a unique piece as a decoration of its own.

Eureka Capture Pet Lover Plus Vacuum

We love our furry friends, but let’s face it: they can really leave a mess. While a vacuum is probably not something you thought you’d be checking off your list, this version is perfect for cleaning up after pets with a HEPA charcoal filter to get rid of odours and plastic teeth to loosen and grab pet hair. It’s the pet-lovers cleaning dream come true!

Kitty Cat Necklace

A beautiful gift for the cat lover, this gold necklace with a charm on it is oh-so-cute. It’s the perfect way for anyone to show which side of the cat-or-dog argument they’re on.

Books for Dog Lovers

For the person who loves reading as much as they love their dog, these books will melt their heart and give them lots of information about their furry, fluffy friend.