4 Reasons why You should Adopt, not Shop

4 Reasons why You should Adopt, not Shop

Picking out a new furry member for your family is very exciting and you will face a wide variety of places to get your furry member from. You can either pick him up from a registered breeder, a pet store, a friend who had litters or you can adopt one from the shelter or a rescue. Here are 4 fantastic reasons why you should head to the nearest shelter to adopt, and not shop.

1. You are Saving a Life

Thousands of animals are euthanized by animal control and SPCA every year here in Singapore. By choosing to adopt instead of buying, you are directly saving a life. A dog or cat, that may have been days away from death, can go back with you to the comfort and security of your house and become a member of your family. You will save a life, you will save his life. 

2. A More Informed Choice

Adoption will allow you to make a more educated choice on the most suitable furry companion for your family. Often, the staff at the shelter or the fosters will have spent much time with the animals and will be able to know much more information about each individual animal than compared to a pet shop. Crucial information such as if they are good with kids, any health concerns, dietary requirements etc will be absolutely important when it comes to choosing the right animal for your family. 

3. Decrease the Number of Backyard Breeders

As people turn to backyard breeders for animals and breeders ramp up supply, the animals suffer. Many backyard breeders or puppy mills are found to be over breeding the female animals without a care for their health, keeping their animals in unsanitary conditions and often do not provide any medical to their animals, even when they are sick. Animals are confined in tiny spaces with overcrowding issues and are thrown out once they are too old or too sick to reproduce.. Adoption slows down business for such breeders which means lesser demand for such breeders, and lesser animals suffering in the hands of such unethical breeders. 

4. There are Pure Bred Animals for Adoption Too

Granted, some people have the preference for a certain breed. This may be because a certain breed fit their lifestyle better, the temperament is suitable or simply just the appearance appeal to them. However, not all animals up for adoption are mutts or mixed breeds. There are pure bred animals up for adoption too. One organisation that deals with mainly pure breed dogs up for adoption is the Voices for Animals. They rescue ex breeding dogs and find these dogs new forever homes. They hold adoption drives regularly. You can also ask the various breed specific Facebook groups in your area for any dogs that are up to adoption. These animals may not look as cute as the puppies in the shops, or may have a certain health concern, but given time, they will blossom into beautiful companions who will be grateful to you eternally for giving them a loving home.