4 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy During The Festive Season

4 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy During The Festive Season

The year 2016 has flown by and Christmas is here! For many of us, that means endless parties to attend and if you are one of those people who love to host gatherings at your home, this can be a highly stressful time for your cat. The sudden appearance of many strangers, the loud constant noises and the long hours may be enjoyable for the humans but not so much for your cat. Here are 4 tips to keeping your cat happy, and less stressed, during the party season. 

1. Give Your Cats a Room to Retreat to

If you have a common room or a study room, you can make it a safe room for your cats to retreat from the party. Make the room off limits to your guests so that your cat can feel safe in the room without having to worry about strangers stepping into his comfort zone. Place a water dish, some food and some toys and allow your cat to have this room all to himself. The door can be left slightly open for your cat to explore outside if he wishes to but this room will be his escape from the stress that he may face at the party.  

2. Teach Your Guests how to Interact with Your Cats

Often, our guests are so besotted by our cats that they want to grab them and cuddle them to the moon and back. However, we know that greeting cats like that will only stress them out. Thus, as the host and the parent of your cats, you have the responsibility to teach your guests how to interact with your cats in the correct manner. Teach them to extend the back of their hand out to let your cat smell them as an introduction and once your cat is more comfortable, proceed to pet him at the top of his head. Remember to educate your guests that touching sensitive areas such as the hind area and the tail is definitely off limits.

3. Give Your Cat Treats

Giving your cat treats will allow him to associate the party with rewards. Even better, let your guests give the treats to your cat. This will certainly make the introduction of strangers much easier and more enjoyable for your cat. However, remember to give your cat treats that are meant for cats. Do not give treats off the food on the table. It may be unhealthy for your cat and it encourages begging or stealing of food in future, which is highly undesirable.

4. Use Spirit Essences to Help Your Cat

Spirit Essences is the only flower remedy line designed by a veterinarian and behavior consultant. When used as a part of a comprehensive plan for your animal companion, they work. Jackson Galaxy uses Spirit Essences on every cat case he has worked on, including those shown on My Cat from Hell. There is a great Spirit Essence that will be helpful for your cat. The Stress Stopper is great for occasional, short-duration stresses like visitors and house guests.