5 Reasons Why we Love Cats

5 Reasons Why we Love Cats

I’m a cat person. I’ve never exactly tried to hide this rather important fact. Anyone who has seen me around (most) dogs knows that I am not comfortable with them. Usually, those are the dogs that are huge and think they can jump all over me, anyway. I’m OK around little dogs that are practically cats and I can handle my mother’s exuberant Husky-Chow mix who doesn’t understand the word “stop” because I’ve grown used to her since she replaced me within a year after I went off to college, but for the most part, I prefer cats. I’ve joked many times that I’ll become the “crazy cat lady” someday, living alone in my huge mansion house… Well, alone aside from my ten thousand cats. Even though my cat had to be put down a little over three years ago and I can’t get another cat until I graduate from college (a mixture between the rules where I live and my mother’s tornado-dog), I think cats are just the best, and here’s why.

1. They love to cuddle when you’re feeling sad.

The number of times my cat would come up to me when I was crying or just upset and start to give me kisses or just cuddle me can’t be counted. She always knew when I needed a little kitty comfort, and she was more than happy to oblige.

2. They can be super distracting… sometimes when you need it

True, cats tend to be… in the way. But, it’s pretty rare that your cat won’t make you laugh by being in the way. Mine would usually interrupt when I was stressfully trying to catch up on homework to give me a little encouragement and “help” do my homework. This little kitty just wants you to rub its belly… how can you say no?

3. They make the best pillows

It can actually be difficult to determine the difference between a cat and a pillow. They’re both soft, fluffy, and keep your head elevated. Besides, haven’t you always wanted your pillow to purr you awake?

4. They’re the perfect size to use as a makeshift heating pad

Ladies, a cat is a perfect replacement for that heating pad you need once a month. Need I say more? Besides, which would you rather use?

5. Kitty licks are the best

There’s nothing like a rough pink tongue trying to clean you right after you get out of the shower because its owner doesn’t realize you’re already clean.