5 Worst Internet Trends Of All Time

5 Worst Internet Trends Of All Time

Ah, the Internet. A wonderful place to exchange thoughts, ideas, and information. The invention of the Internet has caused humanity to become even more connected than ever before. Within seconds, people can receive updates on what’s going on in the world around them — and sometimes it’s not worth reading. Every few months there seems to be a trend that sparks attention on the Internet. This causes people to participate in an activity and posting it online for laughs or feedback. A trend itself can involve somebody doing anything, which is why it draws so much attention. It causes to people to ask, “Who in their right mind would want to participate in an activity like this?” There are some trends born through the Internet that have resulted in positive feedback — and then there are other trends that only received shame. These are the five worst Internet trends (so far).

1. Cinnamon Challenge

This trend came and went quickly, you’ll see why. This trend involved participants to take a tablespoon of cinnamon (yes, raw cinnamon) and eating the entire spoonful at once. This punchline was that nearly every contestant would end up coughing the cinnamon out into a cloud of cinnamon dust. People also referred to it as the “Cinnamon Dragon” due to the effect of eating raw cinnamon. Here’s where it would get ugly: People died from participating in this challenge. Inhaling the cinnamon would cause damage to lungs and lead to death in the near future. Don’t join the bandwagon!

2. Planking

Most, if not every, person who witnessed this trend understood the humor involved with it. People “planking” in peculiar locations somehow drew attention for a few months. Why did the Internet find this funny? That is one question we may never find the answer to.

3. Harlem Shake

Early 2013 brought another Internet trend that thankfully died quickly, the Harlem Shake. This trend involved participants to act normal, whether it was standing around or browsing their phone, until the drop came in the song. That’s where the punchline of the trend was revealed. After the drop, the video would cut to the seemingly ordinary scenario transforming into a circus of chaos. People joined in on the trend for a few months, and as usual, it died out shortly after.

4. Charlie Charlie

First off, to those who did this: Y’all need Jesus. Mid-2015 drew attention to a new challenge called the “Charlie Charlie Challenge.” People who took part in this trend would take two pencils, lay them on top of each other, and say the phrase “Charlie Charlie, are you there?” There would be four tiles, two “yes” tiles and two “no” tiles. This was essentially a modern remake of a Ouija Board. Some attempts seemed to have received a “response” from Charlie, but who knows if those were legit.


Unfortunately, this trend is still referred to this day. Rap artist Drake took credit for first using the acronym, which stood for “you only live once.” Well, the Internet took that as a cue to start living life on the edge. Shortly after the release of the term, videos of people doing stupid things and shouting “YOLO!” were spreading. As always, the Internet never seizes to leave us in wonder.